• Better Protection
  • Early Detection
  • Alarm Verification
  • More comprehensive coverage across your facility than motion detectors
  • Ability to identify intruders who enter the building unconventionally, unlike perimeter protection systems
  • Critical information for responding law enforcement
  • Higher apprehension rate than conventional security

Sonitrol of New Orleans - Volumetric Security ProtectionNew Orleans Business Sercurity Services

Volumetric Protection

Another Sonitrol Advantage: 100-percent Protection

Using strategically placed microphones to detect abnormal sounds, Sonitrol’s audio technology offers maximum protection for your premises.

Conventional perimeter security systems only use door and window contacts to detect intrusion. That’s not enough. In addition to door and window contacts, Sonitrol uses highly sensitive audio sensors that can detect unconventional entries. Burglars make noise when they try to break in through a wall, ceiling or HVAC system, and our audio technology detects it.

Unlike a motion-based system, which only offer “cones” of protection around the sensors, Sonitrol offers true wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor coverage—verified volumetric protection for every inch of space in your facility. Would-be perpetrators can’t evade our audio sensors by moving along a wall, going around a corner or ducking between aisles. If they make noise—and they always do—we’ll hear them.