About Sonitrol
  • Performance - If we miss the intrusion and the police are not notified, you get paid.
  • Satisfaction - If you're dissatisfied after three months, we'll remove the system at no cost to you.
  • Same-day service - We'll make repairs promptly - or pay for an overnight security guard.
  • False alarms - If we dispatch the police on a false alarm, and you're fined, we'll cover the cost.

Sonitrol of New Orleans - History of Sonitrol SecurityNew Orleans Business Sercurity Services

A Heritage of Technical Innovation

The company known today for detecting burglars had its roots in pest control of a different sort in the late 1950s.

Robert Baxter, of Anderson, Indiana, installed microphones within the walls of a building to listen for termites and pinpoint their location. Baxter invented other sound-related devices, too. On June 16, 1960, he incorporated “Sonitrol”, from the words sound and control, to manufacture and market his innovations.

• Law Enforcement Legacy

In 1963, Baxter met Al Cronk, a local police officer who owned an alarm company. Cronk was frustrated with systems that seemed to let the perpetrators get away. He hired Baxter, the inventor, to develop new ideas for the alarm company. Baxter responded with the audio sensor, and Sonitrol was born as a security company.

• Success Spreads

Today, Sonitrol provides tailored local service in approximately 180 cities throughout the United States and Canada. Based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, Sonitrol is the third largest commercial security company in North America—and the leader in verified electronic security. 163,327 (through 2009) apprehensions and counting...